There are numerous ergonomic handle designs: It is always the user´s hand that has to adjust to the handle. ERGONIC is the only handle adjusting to the individual hand!. The impact proof handle core is coated with elastic, scratch resistant elastomer containing cells of highly flexible plastics.
Traditional nut driver have to give up in two situations:
a) if a nut is located on a longer thread
b) if the screw or the nut has to be used at a place which is hard to reach.

M-Tec nut drivers confidently solve this tasks:
• A spring-loaded magnet body holds the screw or nut and places it also at points which are hard to reach.
• The magnet body dives away so the nut driver also takes long threaded bolts.
The unique bitholder manufactured by Felo adjusts automatically to screw head and even holds heavy screws. In all working positions and at high rotation speed! A solid construction and the high-quality, wear- free components guarantee high durability. Quality with warranty! You screw with one hand and have a free hand to position the work piece or protect yourself.

E Smart
the first compact smart tool for electricians, excellent in function and quality. Every screwdriver individually tested to 10,000 Volts, fully conforming to DIN EN 60900. Secure fit of blades, quick- release button on handle against unwanted extraction.
Precision cap and soft-grip zone on blades for low torque applications.
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Unique smart 2-component handle combining screwdriver and T- handle function. New improved construction for one-hand operation: It´s not longer necessary to re-plug the blade in order to switch between screwdriver and T- handle use!  All pieces in 1/4" norm measure = suitable for cordless screwdrivers.
Torque screwdriver with precise adjustment
• traceable to international standards
• accuracy according to EN ISO 6789 +/- 6%
• easy adjustment of torque
• precise release - indicated by acoustic and mechanic signals
• unlimited loosening torque
• each Nm- handle with calibration certificate
• wide range of exchangeable blades for screws with Torx, TorxPlus (IP), PH, PZ, inner hexagon, plus minus and slot profile
• Torque-Seal available in order to fix the adjusted torque
• 3 designs for different tightening torques
0,6 - 1,5 Nm, 1,5 - 3,0 Nm, 3,0 - 5,4 Nm

Ergonic XXL / Rack 17 pcs. Item # 400 927 43

400 5x1 : 3,0 x 80 / 4,0 x 100 / 5,5 x 125 / 6,5 x 150 / 8,0 x 175

402 2x1 : PH 1x 80 / PH 2 x 100

4014 2x1 : SQ 1 x125/ SQ 2 x 150

413 2x1 : 3,5 x 100 / 4,0 x 100

414 2x1 : PH 1 x 80 / PH 2 x 100

408 4x1 : Tx 10 x 100 / Tx 15 x 100 / Tx 20 x 100 / Tx 25 x 100

1 x Steel Rack

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